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Remarkable Daughters


Much better weather today, but cold at night. I started by planting out the seedling onions, which have reached quite a decent size. I’ve never grown onions from seeds before, I’ve always used sets, so it will be interesting to see how they get on. Later in the morning, Diane arrives home from Bristol, having been picked up by Patrick. The first thing she does, is come out into the garden- in her socks- she has to be forced to put on shoes! Touchingly, she tells me how much she has been looking forward to coming home, and how much she misses the garden. Apparently, she was particularly moved by pictures of the brick paths in the fruit cage and she wanted to be there to point them! I think this is pretty remarkable for a 20-year-old girl, to want to be at home pointing a path… I capitalise on the situation, and soon she is helping me with ‘muck spreading’- barrowing compost to put on the potato beds! Then while I plant the first early potatoes- Cassablanca and Maris Bard and second early potato, Vivaldi, she gets her wish and carries on pointing the path- don’t say I don’t do anything for my kids! Having planted the potatoes, I carry on weeding beds in this quarter of the vegetable patch.

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