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Rejuvenated and inspired!


Yesterday I decided to have a day out to recharge by batteries, so I payed a visit to two of my favourite gardens, Chelsea Physic garden and Kew. It did me the world of good and I came home inspired, I was particularly thrilled to see the Dale Chihuly glass sculptures at Kew. I first came across this artist when Meave had to research his work for Art GSCE, I never thought I would see his art other than in photos. It was truly stunning and I resolved to take the family to see the installations on an evening visit. Today starts with a visit to the dentist and an appointment at the hospital to have my bone density scan - I told the doctor my lower back is aching probably due to long hours of gardening, she warned me to be careful! On returning home I start by adding some more shells to the Alpine bed and then I carried on sowing the remaining seeds. First more sweetcorn in root trainers, Golden Bantam x 32, Medzi x 20, Double Standard x 8 and 4 more Golden Bantam. Then the next round of peas, Champion of England x 32, Blauwschokker x 32 and Karina x 32. Then some butternut squash that came with Kitchen Garden magazine - Waltham Butternut x 10. Finally more sunflowers, Kong x 6, Solar Power x 6 and Velvet Queen x 3. We have had some rain yesterday and today, so it's quite chilly and so I close up the tunnel and leave for my rehearsal.

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