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4 November 2019

After the longest sleep that I have had for years, I had a big bowl of raspberries (yes they are still producing well) with banana, yogurt and honey for breakfast. Patrick and I then drive to Roz to pick up her pile of decking boards that she wants to dispose of. These boards have been piled behind her garage for years and at first glance did not look very promising. However, they are all still quite sound and well worth trying to reuse them – we are hoping to create a boardwalk nature trai at some stage and these boards should be useful for this. If Roz had left them behind, they would probably have been taken to the dump so it is good to try and reuse them. It takes two trips in the Volvo to shift them all and by the time this is done, dinner prepared and lunch eaten, it is time to start teaching. Patrick decides not to go back in the office but takes advantage of the dry afternoon to mow the mini orchard area which needs to be prepared for sowing the wildflower seeds and bulbs.

I pick a large bowl of tomatoes from the Polytunnel (they are still ripening and available to harvest), I find some basil, spring onions and radishes for a salad tonight. I also use another Butternut Squash and a large Chilli in tonight’s pasta dish for dinner.

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