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Rainy Day


Today was really wet and it did not get off to a good start. I had a horrendous time with dad, whose fluctuating bowel problem is in its most difficult mode since yesterday. This is not only unpleasant for both of us, but it also causes a lot of extra work.

I anticipated spending time with Aideen on finishing touches for the talk. Whenever I think it is finished and ready, we decide we need more pictures or different ones, or maybe they need to be in a different order! I know it will be worth it in the end and we are now thinking about offering the talk to our own groups of friends and followers of Church Gardens.

I did intent to start planting my sweet peas today, in root trainers in the polytunnel but instead I joined Aideen on the hardcore pile, it had stopped raining by this time. We need to clear the weeds and brambles off the old hard core, prior to using it next week on the driveway.

We are hiring a digger and a dumper this weekend to dig out the drive. We go in at tea time to have a final rehearsal of the talk, which is to check and confirm the photos. This was quite lengthy and I was tired when we finally finished!


The Zoom Talk!


Today is surprisingly good weather, it is still quite warm. It is an exciting day because today is the day of our first zoom talk! For which we have been preparing for ages!

But before that happens this evening, there is lots to do.

I decide to plant everything I have received so far for the forest garden bed. I load up the big green barrow with the plants so far received; two chokeberries, two saskatoons, one strawberry tree, one date plum, two black elders, one Japanese Ginger, one wasabi and one loquat.

I then have great fun, pacing up and down the edge of the bed to work out where to put them, according to my plan. When these plants are all safely installed, I then return to the kitchen garden to dig up the remaining two lingonberries. As with the first lingonberry removal, it is impossible to dig up the incredibly strong main roots and they have to be cut through. I am not at all sure that they will survive this treatment. I am hoping that they are tough customers and can regenerate some roots, only time will tell.

After planting out the two lingonberries I dig up some seedling cardoons that have strayed into beds they shouldn’t have, and plant them behind the lingonberries. I then dig up lots more seedling cardoons from around the site of our old compost heap. I plant these around the lingonberries and next to my line of budlejias near the stumpery. I decide that the wild budlejias and the cardoons can battle it out together and if the cardoons survive the move, they will provide more ‘bee-friendly’ planting for the hives.

I then receive a delivery of all the garlic, onions and shallots for Autumn planting. I decided they can wait to be planted until the frost kills the nasturtiums.

I then receive my new order from Burncoose which I made when I received their catalogue with the delivery of the original order. They are a very efficient nursery, sending me 9 out of 11 things that I only ordered a few days ago! These were the two chocolate vines, the salt bush (lovely, silver leaves), the Fringe Tree, the blue bean, All Spice, Paw Paw, Snowbell Tree and Magnolia Vine. I decide to leave planting these until tomorrow.

James comes out to look at my latest delivery of ‘twigs’ and puts one of the cardboard boxes they were delivered in on his head, with a little slit for his eyes and makes a silly, very funny, post on Instagram about it being for Covid precaution. I then come in to get ready for the talk and organise the dinner.

Aideen and I feel quite apprehensive as we join the Zoom meeting room for the talk. By the time the talk starts, at 7:30pm, more than 30 people have joined. We manage to get through ‘Church Gardens, A Family’s Restoration Journey’, without any major mishaps and it seemed to be greatly appreciated, although, it is not the same as seeing and talking to the people in person. We hope they enjoyed it and we intend to set up the talk in the near future for our own friends and followers of Church Gardens. Watch this space!

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