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Rain, rain, rain!


The weather forecast is bad today - or good, depending on how you view rain. But not good news for St Oswald's Mothers Union who are coming for a visit this afternoon! It rains heavily all morning so I start by preparing the refreshments, washing crockery and I also prepare the dinner for later. I then ignore the rain and put on my not very waterproof 'waterproofs' and go outside. My plan is to sort out the 'cloth of gold' Achilleas that were flattened by last weeks rain. I tie a rope across the back of the metal supports and trim off or tie in any stray sections. I also hammer in some metal supports to secure the delphiniums. I end up completely soaked through to my underwear! I decide to come inside and change and eat before the group arrives. It rains at the beginning of their visit so I hurry them under the marquee and give my introductory talk and as soon as the rain stops we head off on our tour. Apart from a light shower the rain stays away - very lucky! Interestingly one lady expressed surprise about how advanced and colourful everything was in the kitchen garden, which was very gratifying. Maybe this is because of the sheltered microclimate created by the walls. This group even gave me a bottle of wine and a card and I was asked again about giving 'talks'.

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