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Rain at last!


Rain is forecasted all day, but actually it is quite intermittent. This is helpful for Patrick, who helped by James and later Meave, is working on the mushroom house. He is making a lot of progress, which needs to happen if he wants the terraces to be planted with bulbs for flowering in the spring - there is nothing like a deadline!

Today is harvest festival and I'm playing in church with Aideen and Meave, it is nice to see one of our 'Turks Turban' pumpkins in the main altar display. One of my adult choir, the lovely Roz, is 'downsizing' and moving from a house to a flat and she is getting rid of things from her garden. So we travel to Ruislip Manor with 3 cars to pick up a wooden arbour seat, 2 troughs, a stone bench and two pots, very gratefully received at a bargain price! Tonight I use one of my giant . chillies in the mince, potato, and pea curry, and I will probably use what will be the last cucumbers in the raita. The cucumbers have been fantastic this year, it is remarkable to be still harvesting cucumbers half way through September! I put out some more cooked sweetcorn that we haven't eaten for the badgers. Unfortunately, you often don't discover sweetcorn to be passed it's best until you've cooked it.

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