• Kay

Ragwort Issues


Today, we have our second guided tour visit from Slough U3A. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not great. I went to bed rather late because I decided to have a general tidy up in the house. We do have an ongoing issue ‘Chez McHugh’ which is because we are always outside, the house becomes a dumping ground for wet outdoor clothes, DIY materials and the detritus of trying to keep up with feeding a perpetually ravenous household of six constantly fed!

The rest of the family got up before me and they had set up refreshments, cleaned toilets etc. before I got downstairs. I went outside to water the covered areas and then I got grandad up. Before our visitors arrived, I decided to remove the Ragwort that I had noticed in the wildflower miniature orchard. Ragwort is a poisonous plant for livestock and the farmers that are presently using the Park Lodge Farm fields (the fields adjoining our garden) have tried to eradicate it. Ragwort self-seeds easily and I first noticed it in our wildflower orchard last year. I didn’t worry unduly as we have no livestock and it is the main food plant for the Cinnabar Moth caterpillar. However, if it produces seed heads it will spread to neighbouring fields which is not OK, so I decided to pull it al