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Pumpkin Harvest


Today I brought in all the pumpkins and squash to harden off on the bench in the polytunnel. It is a magnificent butternut harvest - 66 in total - some of which are massive! There were also 18 Jack O'lantern and 3 Yellow hundred weight pumpkins which will be good for Halloween, there were also 3 Old Boer White pumpkins (the others had rotted for some reason) and another 3 unripe pumpkins - still green.

I am terrible at keeping count of my squashes, I carry in between two to four at a time, depending on their size. Every time I put them on the bench, I forget how many are already there and have to recount! This gets more tricky as I bring more in, as they don't sit in neat rows because they are all different sizes. I cannot believe how hopeless I am at this simple task, but in conclusion, it is a lot of butternuts, which should give us a years supply if I can store them successfully.

I then plant out some root trainers of Broadbeans, 32x super Aguadulce and 32 Wilklem Vrama. I then plant a root trainer of Douce Provence Peas (64) (I decide to put 2 peas into each section - the same as recommended for Sweet Peas).

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