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Public Guided Tour Day


A few weeks ago I suggested that we have a day when anyone could book to come for a guided tour and tea. Previously, guided tours have only been available to groups. Considering we had advertised this venture rather late, it has proved very popular, with 27 people booking on to the 2:00 tour and 19 onto the 3:30 tour. Pat and I are up early, he is finishing bits in the kitchen and I am tidying up in the garden. ‘Monster Squirrel’ has attacked newly planted lettuces, beetroot, Chinese greens and pak choi. I replant and wash the muddy leaves - he is a very messy monster! I then water the garden and top up the ponds and pick beans, courgettes, and tomatoes to sell and rake the sand in the miniature Japanese garden. The day is a great success, Janet comes to help and brings more cake, Meave is there ‘on the door’ and James and Aideen help with parking, a sensitive job because we are slightly clashing with a wedding at the church. There are many interesting questions and several people form my choir and the church are there. One old friend I’ve not seen for years came with her husband and mother and she was gratifyingly astonished to see the progress made since she last saw the garden years previously. Afterwards, we have lots to tidy up and we then take Janet and Martin out to dinner to say thank you for their support.

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