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Preparing for the chicken!


Patrick announces that we are going to adopt a chicken! One of the builders that Patrick works with has chickens, but he has had problems with one of them pulling out feathers from the other chickens! Also, the chickens have been suffering from chicken mites!!! I must admit, it doesn't sound like a particularly appealing prospect, but I dutifully spend the morning preparing the chicken house, hoovering out the cobwebs and giving it a good scrub! I then finish sorting out the bulbs in the basement and prepare the dinner which is a sausage stew using the last of the Borlotti beans and lots of peppers and a giant chilli - this will go down well after our rehearsal. I notice that the Tropaelolum climber in the polytunnel is finally showing signs of blooming. It is playing the same game as the blue Morning Glory, it should have bloomed June - August and is not blooming until now (late Oct!).

This could be because of something I learnt last year, apparently plants that originate in Africa, which have a different day length will not flower until our hours of darkness have increased.

I have been avidly watching this new climber for months waiting for signs of a flower and I had almost given up, resigning myself to appreciating its leaves only - they are attractive leaves. Well now I can hardly contain my excitement - I am easily pleased!

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