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It is a beautiful day and the garden is looking lovely, the tulips are diminishing - thank goodness the Open Day was last week! The first peony has opened and a tiny rose on the climber by the back door, marsh marigolds are blooming in the pond and I have spotted the first calendula and Californian poppy. The flax is really starting to get going - this beautiful sky blue flower really caught the attention of Hatch End Horticultural Society who were most keen to discover what it was. Today, I've decided to plant the remainder of the potatoes, but first I will need to re-weed their beds. Unfortunately, this section of the veg garden suffers from field bindweed and it is emerging everywhere. When it is removed (it is never completely removed) I start planting first the early maincrops - Golden Wonder, Record and Maris Piper, and then the late maincrop- Rooster, Setanta and Card. I then start on the companion planting and plant Cosmos- Sonata mix - down the centre of the late maincrop beds and add some Nasturtiums at the end. There is already borage blooming in the beds and some Salsify. It has been a beautiful day with cats sleeping in the Celery and beautiful Peacock butterflies fluttering about overhead.

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