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Potato Beds Completed.

15 APRIL 2020

After a better night I get up to another beautiful day, however, there are a lot of personal care matters to sort out with the elderlies which delays the start of the gardening day somewhat. My plan today is to finish preparing the potato beds so I begin by finishing the weeding. I then sweep up the surrounding paths, rake them over and thoroughly soak them prior to adding compost. I decide to ask James to barrow the compost for me and he is later joined by Meave, while I break up and rake over the compost and remove any plastic waste that might be caught in it. Having this help is amazing, I would normally do this job on my own including barrowing the compost and it would take all day. This way it takes a couple of hours, if that! We have cleared six of the larger beds and I use about 18 barrows of compost and it is a long round trip to the corner of the Orchard to collect it. When we finish the beds they look very inviting, clear and dark, perfectly prepared for the dozens both of chitted potatoes waiting on the shelves in the outside loo.

When I finished the potato beds (I will plant spuds tomorrow) I watered all the beds of onions, shallots and garlic, peas and broad beans whilst contemplating where to plant to final final batches of onion sets that have recently arrived in the post. I then pot up 30 Surfinias and 18 Anagalis Skylover and then come inside. Patrick has been working on the path with James and Diane and they finished the brick edging although there is a panic over the width of the path because we want it to be wide enough for wheelchairs. We eat a lot of the the lettuce, spinach and radicchio leaves from the garden as a salad for lunch – we are eating very well, although I have noticed since the end of Lent, Patrick has switched from salad to chocolate!

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