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Poor Diane!


Today is very wet again and I get outside quite late after music school and shopping at Waitrose. Meave has been helping Patrick to put the roof on the mushroom house, then Diane came home and took over. I went into the tunnel (nice and dry) and sowed some unknown poppy seeds from Violeta and potted up some Aubretia cuttings I have been encouraging to root. I tidied up the tunnel bench and admired the succulents that look very happy so far. I stood on top of the mushroom house with Diane to admire the view and then picked some of my new French beans for dinner - these are really slim and young and will be delicious. I then dug up some new leeks (first to be harvested) picked some baby courgettes and Kale - Nero di Toscana - for dinner- the leeks, kale and courgettes will be sauteéd in butter and garlic and I collected some of the potatoes which will be mashed for the top of the fish pie. Then I continued dead heading dahlias and zinnias, their heads like big dripping sponges - close by, Patrick and Diane were tidying up around the mushroom house. The next thing there is a shout and a crash and Diane is on the ground. She had been supporting the stacked pile of plywood sheets whilst Patrick tried to remove something from behind. They fell down banging her knee and trapping her foot as she fell. Patrick rapidly released her and she shot off hopping/hobbling to the house - rather like an injured animal - with me in hot pursuit! We examined the damage inside, poor Diane crying with the combination of pain and frustration that this would cause another problem with her new job, she was due to travel to Peterborough the next night! So off we go to ‘minor injuries’, at Mount Vernon - the most wonderful place for an accident prone family like ours! We were seen very quickly by a very sensible nurse who checked everything but still requested an X-ray for Diane’s ankle which we had immediately. Thankfully nothing was broken, just severe bruising and strains, we already had crutches that Diane was using, and she was told to take painkillers and to keep walking on the injured leg, so she could go to work. We were back home in little more than an hour - amazing - for me to put together the fish pie!

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