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Polycrub roof progress!


Although rain is forecasted this coming week, I sense plants getting dry and stressed, so I decide to have a big watering session. I include most of the veg, sweet peas, containers, new planting, dahlias, organ pipe bed, back garden, pumpkins and finally the polytunnel.

Everyone has got up early to try to put up some of the sheeting on the tunnel before James goes to cricket! When James leaves at 10:30am, to our surprise, Patrick decides to keep going, with the roof, assisted by the girls. This plan is slightly impeded by the fact that Meave has a horrendous hangover, and keeps disappearing inside for a quick nap! The sheets are huge, and unwieldy and screwing them into place is quite a challenge - requiring the person to balance on top of the ladder and stretch across the sheet. The linking strip (in two halves) is ingenious but has to be hammered into place - more stretching. The job is very fiddly and each sheet takes more than two hours. Incredibly by the end of the day (more than 12 hours since we got up) 8 sheets are in place - it looks fantastic.

I continue weeding and practically finish the entire sweetcorn quarter. Mary arrives late in the day and continues to sweep the paths - always a useful job. I cut back the valerian and check on my newly sown seeds and notice that most things have germinated.

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