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Planting, sowing, planting!


Not much time today, and I keep getting distracted by planning and thinking of ideas... Today it is how to use some of our spare organ pipes. This is a recurring theme in the McHugh household as rebuilding the church pipe organ in our house only used half the pipes, several hundred are still awaiting a new role in life! However, I finally settle in the polytunnel and start planting seeds - there are so many to do! Four trays (forty cells in each) of leeks, including twenty each of Hannibal, Hiliari, Bandit, Pandora, Lancia, Mussleburg and ten Autumn Mammoth and fifteen each of Lyon and King Richard. I then planted a tray of lettuce, including Winter Density, May King, Valmaine, Continuity, Tuska, Relay and Lollo Blonda.

I also spent some time in the herb garden, trying to regain control of a rampant Artemisia Oriental Lime Light which was invading the Ladies Bed Straw and smothering the Bugle! - That will sound really dodgy to anyone not familiar with herbs!


Quite a warm day of sunny spells. I started by planning where to put the seventy eight strawberry plants that did not fit in my water tank raised beds. I had decided that they would be planted on the ground to serve a dual process of providing fruit and supressing weeds. They fitted into the available space perfectly, the different varieties should give strawberries throughout the season - 'Honeoye' (early), 'Cambridge Favourite' (mid-season), 'Florence' (late), 'Albion' (ever bearer) and 'Senga Gigana' (a giant strawberry that is medium early). I then planted out some herbaceous plants that I had been growing on since the Autumn, into the beds surrounding the fruit cage that contain the stepover apples and pears. These included a collection of eighteen Achillea, six Helenium - 'Ruby Tuesday', and a collection of eighteen Gaillardia. All together a lot of holes to dig in one day but it gives me more room in the polytunnel.

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