• Kay

Peach for breakfast


Can you think of anything better than picking a big, warm peach from your own tree to eat for breakfast...well I certainly can't. This peach was picked from the tree which I now believe was mistakenly sold to me as an almond tree! It is a bountiful day because I then pick 8 cucumbers. Immediately eat one and I will give away 3 by the end of the day. I spent a long time watering and then went to pay my visa bill, which included a substantial sum for polycarbonate sheeting for the polytunnel. I visited Ducks Hill Nursery on my way home, picking up a few decorative plants for the Auricula theatre. Mark paid us one of his flying visits, and we gave him some digging to do in the mushroom house. James painted the fence and some plant labels. When Aideen finished practising she started sorting out the organ pipes - the plan is to attach them to the pumpkin patch fence - maybe painting them first. A member of my adult choir arrived with a garden bench (requiring fixing) that she no longer requires. She then walked around the garden with her friend. I continued weeding beds near the leeks - it steadily becomes very hot!

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