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Pea'd off with Sweet Peas


Today I 'caterpillar hunt' on the top section of hedge because I had noticed quite a lot of damage when I walked around in the morning. Having removed at least 100 caterpillars I go and look at my new birches and cornus planted in the front field to create a winter garden. I remove canes, retie them and water them. I am worried about how much I have to do before the open day and I start another list. I soon abandon this as being too depressing and go back to planting sweet peas. I am getting quite fed up with this job now and there is no guarantee that the plants will ever give a good display, my track record with sweet peas is not good, but it doesn't do to be pessimistic... I do not finish planting the sweet peas despite planting until the last possible second before my rehearsal and I make myself late!

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