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Patricks Birthday

18 April 2019

Rather sadly for Patrick this is not a good time for a Birthday, but we resolve to go to the curry house after our rehearsal in the evening.

The day begins with me making up Box Tree Moth traps. I have been quite nervous about forgetting this important job. Last year, towards the end of the summer, we realised we had Box Tree Moth – potentially disastrous for a garden with so much box hedging. I did not realise that we had it until about the time of our last Open Day on the August Bank Holiday and I put up four traps straight away in the corners of the garden, which is surrounded by box hedge. I used an organic spray on the hedges and spent hours searching for the caterpillars and spraying water deep inside the hedges with a hose. I did catch quite a lot of moths, but the really important time to do this is now, to catch the males as they fly to mate, which will hopefully reduce the number of eggs and caterpillars. These are Pheremone traps, attracting the male moth inside and they are not cheap, so I hope they will work. I put new Pheremone into my original four traps and added another two traps to the Vegetable garden to give me six in total. I put another four traps in the Central Borders, which have young zig-zag box hedging and one in the Organ Bed which has a small perimeter box hedge. Now we wait and see…..

I spend the rest of the day weeding in the Central Borders which are full of what seem to be bionic dandelions.

Everyone is helping – Meave has taken a couple of days off work and has been running around putting up posters and bringing back food supplies. She is also helping with pointing the paths, weeding, etc. Patrick has also taken some days off work (a rare thing ) and is doing everything, cutting grass, making picnic benches, making wooden planters, laying paths, etc. Aideen has stopped harp practising for a while and is pointing paths and painting gates and windows and doors. Diane has come back from University and is running round madly, pointing, tidying and organising us all. Mary has been round, sweeping and weeding and James has been helping everybody, with pointing, cement mixing, painting, etc. James’ mum has been making enough cakes to feed an army and this is all without any gardening – that is my job, it seems!

Alongside this frenzy of activity outside, we are preparing for a big performance at the Good Friday Service in Church, after which all the Choir and their guests come back to our house for some tea ( a mini open day). Aideen is writing her Dissertation, Diane is preparing music for her final Degree performance – which we have still yet to rehearse and record. Meave is spending ridiculous hours at work – it is a very crazy time!

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