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Patrick's Operation


We decide that Meave will go with Patrick to Charing Cross to leave me able to visit dad at Hillingdon. I finish planting the remaining bulbs in the miniature orchard before I leave for the hospital. I am conscious of grabbing any spare moment because there are so many jobs to do outside that are quite urgent - all the dahlias/cannas and begonias need lifting, the wild flower meadow needs sowing, the vines need planting and there are still thousands of bulbs to plant. Obviously, my first priority is looking after Grandad and Patrick but I don't want things to get too behind outside if I can avoid it. This would only frustrate Patrick further (he is happy to be finally having his operation but not happy about being confined to the house!) His parting words to me were 'don't forget to keep the stream clear' - it's clear where his priorities lie! Anyway we now have 600 new crocus's (there are already more than 1000) and 200 fritillary planted out in the wildflower meadow which is some progress! I quickly prepare the dinner before I leave because on top of everything else, we have a rehearsal tonight. I then leave for Hillingdon and Meave is able to join me because Patrick has gone into surgery. Diane then goes up to Charing Cross for when Patrick comes round and Meave, Aideen and I go off to rehearsals. Everything goes ok, thank God, and Grandad is not too bad and asks after Patrick.

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