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Patrick's Herculean task!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019


It is quite late in the day when I get back from music school and finish various other family/household tasks. I come outside to a very grumpy Patrick! This is hardly surprising as he has been waiting for someone to come and help him with a job he cannot manage on his own in the mushroom house. Like everything at Church Gardens, this project is turning into an epic slog - if Patrick did not keep heroically turning out in all weathers to keep working on this job it would never get done, luckily he has had quite a lot of help from James, but now Aideen is back at college and Meave and Diane are at work, which involves long hours and travelling, there is far less help forthcoming from them. It is also not helped by Patrick's bad leg which is still awaiting an operation and is quite a handicap for him and very painful. I do not know how he keeps going and it is not surprising that he is grumpy, I help when there is no one else but obviously I'm trying to keep all the gardening jobs going. Most of the time, Patrick battles away on his own and he deserves everyones admiration!

I bring in a big basket of runner beans and borlotti beans, 11 courgettes of varying sizes and a bowl of potatoes. I plan to cook meat and potato pie, with runner beans and mashed potato - comfort food which will hopefully cheer Patrick up!

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