• Kay

Patrick is released.

17 November 2019

I released all of the Grape Vines from the plastic bags that are tied around their pots, worried that I have still not had time to plant them out. We then went to collect Patrick from Hospital with Meave driving and Aideen coming along to help. He was in good spirits, all ready to leave and we had to restrain him from going straight to visit Grandad on the way home! We decide to visit him in the evening because Joy was going in during the afternoon.

I snatch a little bit of time outside – I will have to make the most of every opportunity. I raked the wild flower lawn as roughly as I could to disrupt the grass and bring the soil through. I then start putting mixture of soil and leaf mould over the surface. When it got dark, all of us ( including Patrick) went to the Hospital to see Grandad. He was very pleased to see Patrick up and about but probably a little overwhelmed by having so many visitors at once.

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