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Patrick back in a boot

27 November 2019

The Carer is very late this morning and when I come over to Dad for the third or fourth time, I find that he has got himself up and is seated in the living room. I am quite encouraged by this but the day takes a down turn when the Carer and Rapid Response District Nurse arrive. Potential pressure sores are discovered and action is taken! This was bad enough but then the District Nurse herself arrives, just as the first Nurse is leaving and she redoes everything with Dad all over again. I do feel that this is a bit too much for Dad – all of the Carers and Nurses, etc. are lovely and respectful, but poor Dad is feeling very weak and vulnerable.

Patrick has been back to the Hospital to see his Surgeon. He is much relieved to have come home in another boot as there was some confusion between the doctors as to whether he would be allowed to, as there were apparently some complications with his operation. However, they seemed happy with how things were progressing and the Surgeon allowed him to have the boot. He is pleased because he can now drive.

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