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Today we are hosting a birthday party for one of Meave’s friends…how did that happen? It soon becomes apparent that our rather dozy eldest daughter has left preparations rather late and we all have to pitch in to help tidy up etc. (the original agreement was that if we said yes to the party being held at our house , we would not have to do anything to prepare!).

I am always puzzled as to why we clean and tidy up before one of these events, it is rather pointless as the young people are soon too drunk to notice their surroundings and always leave a mess to be cleared up afterwards, however good their intentions. I stay up to be available as resident nurse and taxi-driver - I stay out of the way and tidy up my music room and finally go to bed at 5:00am!…again!

Patrick stays up until about 2:00am painting the kitchen, much to the amusement of our young visitors!

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