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Ordering a Forest Garden


The forecast today was rain and it is still unseasonably chilly. The first thing that happened was a family meeting to discuss what needs to be done in the garden. These happen periodically and then tend to involve a list being drawn up which can be long and scary. We started today with want needs to be finished…well, that was a long list! Luckily some of those jobs were not huge, but the short list of our next projects sounds deceptively simple…

1. Driveway

2. Remove remaining hard-core

3. Greenhouse…

It would be amazing to get these things done, but they are all major projects.

Aideen and I then sit down at the laptop, trawling through specialist nurseries looking at their stock, trying to track things down for the forest garden bed. This is a very lengthy process because some of the websites are quite convoluted. When I first looked at the Agroforestry Research Trust site, I was quite despondent, but luckily Aideen kept investigating different sections and in the end, we placed quite a large order, 46 items, ranging from a Cornelian cherry to a Babbington leek bulblet! I found a Strawberry tree, date plum and a loquat at Burncoose nursery, interestingly, located close to my favourite part of Cornwall. Otter Farm had some choke berries (the most vitamin packed berry in existence), black elders, Japanese Ginger and Wasabi. Ken Muir had some Juneberries. The quest will continue tomorrow and although there are some things on my list I will not find, I am finding other alternatives whilst searching. In the end, I am sure I will end up with a good selection and other things can always be added later.

Another thing I have to consider is this bed is against a North facing wall, therefore the bed is not in constant sun and some sections at the end are quite shady for reasonable periods. This means some desired plants will not want to live there.

For tonight’s dinner (sausage, beans, potato and wholemeal pasta) I pick lots of different coloured peppers and two Jalapeno chillies. The chillies are so strong, that even cutting them up causes people passing through the kitchen to cough! I also make a large tomato, basil, red onion and basil salad…it is a very colourful dinner!

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