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Open Day!


Apart from Diane, who was up all night, the rest of us have had 2-3 hours sleep and we are all up early. I decorate cakes and then go and tidy the polytunnel and decide I will let the public go inside the polytunnel today. I then realise belatedly that I haven't opened the cold frames... not a good idea to incinerate the dahlias today! The giant 'cloth of gold' achilleas have been partially knocked down (luckily at the back) by yesterday's deluge, but I decide to leave them alone, as it would be a big job to tie them up properly. I tidy the bee area - the wild woodland is trying to encroach on my deliberate planting, which is okay to a point, but I don't want the stumpery to be swamped. Janet arrives quite early and starts to organise the cakes and cream teas. Other people come later to help, William and girlfriend, Alice, and Rob and Derek to help with the parking. Mary, Emma and Joy (who has a bad foot) to help Meave on the door and Ping and friend Sue, help with refreshments. We are very grateful to all of these kind people for helping us today, we need lots of help because it is a big operation. The weather stays dry, thank goodness and Meave and I go to pick up Betty, who is playing the organ again as people arrive.

The Open Day is very successful with about 300 visitors. The early music recorder group played by the arcaded wall twice, and sounded lovely, and Aideen and Amy played in the refreshment area which was beautiful. I gave a short talk by the vegetable beds which went down well, and the girls, Julia and I performed Arcades. We sold about 120 cream teas and plenty of cake and there was lots left over which we can use for the group garden visits this week. I sold all of my spare tomato plants, most of the borage and plenty of guide books - Emma is a very good sales woman, and read the guide book from cover to cover! Everything worked well, including parking, and we had lots of lovely comments - the most asked about plants was - Flax!

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