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Only one month until our first Public Open Day - eek!


Very unusually, because I had to get up stupidly early to give Diane a lift to the station I had some time to kill before I left for school so I sowed a tray of 40 Beetroot - Crimson Globe and BoHardy, and a tray of Sweet Basil. A good way to start the day!!


Thursday would normally be a good gardening day but today I am going into London to hear Aideen play the Debussy Danses in a concert, which was lovely, but not good for gardening! I put in an order for some bedding plug plants from Parkers to supplement what I'm growing from seed in case some of it fails. I also resowed some of the Razzmatazz Chilli's and Hot Cayenne which had not germinated. My new supersonic bulb dibber arrived and I tried it out planting 30 Peacock Tiger bulbs in the step-over beds.

22/03/19 - One month to our next public Open Day - eek!

Needless to say I decide to write a list and I do manage to cross some things off the list by the end of the day!

I pinch out the tops of my new Sweet Peas to encourage them to bush out. I planted out three bags of onion sets that had arrived in the last few days (c130 onions per pack) these were Red Baron Santero and High Tech. I then planted out 30 broadbeans, Masterpiece Green Long Pod. I then went in the tunnel and planted two trays of Nasturtiums, some Black Eyed Susan and a tray of three varieties of Sunflower. Then unfortunately I had to come in and go to a rehearsal...

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