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One extreme to another!


The weather is glorious today, blue skies and sunshine, the first decent weather for more than a week, what a contrast to yesterday! I even put washing out to dry and decided to move all the garden furniture off the grass because all of our garden visits are now finished. This involved moving 46 chairs and 16 tables (mostly metal) to suitable places to spend the winter.

I then sorted out several sacks of gladioli that have been donated to us by Margereta and her neighbour. I cut off their dead stalks and leaves and had a big bowl full of bulbs to plant out. I started by planting them out in the fruit tree bed, adding them to the existing clumps of gladioli. I do feel that gladioli are quite under appreciated flowers - they are very beautiful, in a wide variety of colours and keep blooming over a long period. I also planted a small rose bush that had come with the stuff collected from Roz. I decided to try one of the Kohl Rabi, peeled and chopped up and added to a salad.

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