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Often asked question - Do you have an automatic watering me!


I started the day watering the fruit cage borders and the fruit itself. This is because there is newly planted bedding plants in these borders and also I am very conscious of looking after my sweet peas which are growing well and blooming very prettilly - they also smell fantastic. I end up also watering the front field rose border, the new trees, the front and back of the house and the containers which takes more than 2 hours. I then tie up any straying bits of sweet peas and remove any dead flower stems - very important with sweet peas to keep them flowering. I carry on trying to finish planting out all of the remaining companion planting. I plant out the last nasturtiums in the sweet corn and chard beds and the last Zinnias are planted out around the soya beans and kohl rabbi. The last of the antirrhinums, along with the perrenial cosmos and some pansies and astrantias are planted in the rose border - but this has to be weeded first. This is time consuming and I don't manage to do anything else before my evening rehearsal. On returning from the rehearsal at 10:00pm I go outside and water baby veg for about an hour.

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