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Off to Bristol

Updated: Jun 10, 2019


Meave came back from a night out and went to bed for a brief sleep before leaving for Diane's rehearsal. Both Meave and I have to drive because we can't fit the harp and the drum kit (and all of the other instruments) plus three people into the same car. Aideen has been up practising since 6am because her final exam at Guildhall is very soon and she won't be able to practise properly all day. I went through my music and sorted out all of the equipment that Diane needed for the day. We had to bring microphones, speakers, extension leads etc. Diane did not trust the equipment in the theatre - you do wonder what universities spend the student fees on! I then watered containers, hanging baskets, polytunnel and auricle theatre and we left for a very long day in Bristol.

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