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Not impressed with the expandable hose!


Back to regular watering - the routine is all vegetables and central border new planting at night (1.5 - 2 hours) and sweet peas, fruit cage, rose border, Auricula theatre, containers, polytunnel, coldframes, alpine beds, back garden and front garden in the early morning (c2hours or more). This is a massive time commitment and I thank God that the Summer holidays have begun, because full-time working hours, as many hours again gardening, plus 3-5 hours watering per day leaves little time for sleep! I then dead headed the Gazanias, these are an orange/bronze colour and are very impressive, flowering in the peach tree border. I then added compost to the newly weeded Manuka beds - these have been looking a bit miserable since the Flax finished. I then had an appointment with the practice nurse. The blood tests carried out to investigate my bone density issues (although we know this is due to my early menopause) have revealed raised blood sugar levels - so much for healthy eating!...there is quite a lot of sugar in fruit. Also eating so late is not great, I explain I'm running on a musicians body clock. The rest of the family think its hilarious because their sweet/ice-cream/cake/chocolate consumption leaves me standing! I think it is very unfair! and go to Niks nursery for some retail therapy...other women buy clothes! I buy canes and some nectar rich plants for my Manuka beds. Nik's bedding plants are now half price so I buy some extras for hanging baskets, I am so glad that Nik is up and running again - he had to close last year - he really deserves to do well. On my return I started on containers, but had to stop for a music school meeting. That night the 2nd expandable hose burst, these expensive hoses are pathetic!

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