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Not a good day


I started today by making a list. It is easy to feel a bit lost after an open day, partly because of tiredness but there is always lots to do and I feel the need for a bit more organisation to galvanise me...we do still have more visits!

The day starts well as I decided to try our honey poured on some greek yogurt with a bowl of our strawberries and raspberries. The honey is quite runny and very sweet, it does not have a pronounced 'honey' taste which for me personally is a good thing - it is delicious!

I then became distracted by Aideen who was trying to empty the larder, to sort it out, to make it possible to store all of the paraphernalia that we have collected for our refreshments at Open Days. It became evident that it was necessary to empty all of the cupboards. I then decided to pull out my cooker ( I've had my cooker since we moved in 21 years ago, when it was acquired 2nd hand having been stored in the garden of one of Mary's friends). I had hoped to make my cooker last until we decorated the kitchen and ordered a new 'range' type cooker, but on moving the cooker, it was clear that it was not a safe appliance - there were bad scorch marks on the wall and on the back of the cooker. Patrick condemned the cooker and it was banished to the garden ( it has come full circle!). I am very upset to lose my trusty cooker and I'm not enthusiastic about buying an 'interim' cooker, it is very upsetting that it has taken so long to decorate the kitchen that my 'temporary' appliances are 'packing up' on me before the kitchen is ready for new replacements.

I stayed up until 5:00am cleaning and scrubbing the cupboards - very depressing. Not a productive day for the garden!

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