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I'm up very early to prepare for todays visit. I clean toilets, move outside tables and chairs and organise crockery and cake for refreshments. I then go round the garden generally tidying and watering. There is lots of dead-heading needed, the roses are really getting going but the iris' are finishing. A highlight in the garden at the moment is the combination of the brilliant orange of the Californian poppies combining with the lilac/purple of the sage which is in full bloom. The only 'proper' gardening that I get done is planting some new Californian poppies around the newly planted runner beans. The visiting group arrives early - they are 25 people from two different U3A groups from Northwood. Lots of lovely ladies (no men). Probably due to the size of the group (quite big) and the fact that some ladies are less mobile than others, I do not finish the tour until 3:50pm! And I then have to organise the refreshments on my own! This proves to be a bit of a scramble, but finally everyone has some tea and cake and the group just stay a bit later than planned. The visit is a success (someone else asks to move in!) and I am asked if I do 'talks'. I say, well, I can talk, and I will think about it... I probably wouldn't mind doing 'a talk' as long as it was too dark to be working in the garden! It is not long after they leave that I have to go to my rehearsal. One of my choir comments that my blog is not up to date and she is waiting to read about what has happened to the caterpillars - I promise to get myself organised! On the subject of the dreaded box tree caterpillars - I do believe the spray is working, there are definitely dead caterpillars and we are picking out less living ones. The topic of box tree moth and what to do about it, has been a recurring subject for every group that visits us.

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