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Non-Fathers Day


I think we will add Fathers Day to Mothers Day and everybody's Birthday so far this year as anniversaries to be ignored...Poor Patrick...he does get and M&S sandwich and an ice cream but that was about it! I feel the antibiotics are kicking in and return to light duties outside...which is planting the pumpkins - a gentle job! There are lots of butternuts, some Yellow Hundred Weight, Turks Turban, Jack O'lantern, Old Boer White, Wallace's Whopper and one Maschata. They fill every space in the pumpkin patch. I tie each plant to a brick to secure it from the wind which starts to blow more strongly on cue! Patrick is digging holes for fence posts around me because we are intending to 'fence in' the pumpkins and decorate the fence with organ pipes. Later in the day Aideen and Meave come out and clear three beds of old chard, beetroot, celery and celeriac. This is great because it leaves the beds free for courgettes. Aideen then dead heads the roses which are quite beautiful at the moment and the scent is gorgeous. Earlier in the day I persuaded James to barrow in some compost for the Borlotti bean bed so I finish the day planting out a root trainer of Borlotti beans. I love Borlotti beans and use the fresh beans in my chilli con carne, but they need perfect conditions to do well!

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