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Nobody likes weeding!


There is lots to do preparing for the garden visit on Friday. Unfortunately Diane has returned to Bristol for her anniversary, so I have lost my helper...however she has confessed to hating weeding, which might account for why she has spent the last 3 days in the organ bed and still hasn't finished it!

I spend some time tidying the children's garden and Auricula theatre. I then move on to the organ bed, the soil of which looks terrible, dry and dusty. This bed has the worst conditions - dry and shaded. I decided to lightly dig the surface, soak it and add compost before I plant anything. This is quite time consuming and I only plant one tray of New Guinea impatiens. These plants will need a lot of attention because they were quite 'root bound' in their tray ( they should have been planted weeks ago!) They will need regular and careful watering to help them establish. I then have to go in to teach, but I come out when I'm finished to do the watering and tonight I include the central borders.

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