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New Potatoes


When I get outside today, despite the cooler weather, I spend a considerable amount of time watering because we have had minimal rain. I’m particularly looking out for newly planted containers, which even after rain, are often practically dry. It has also been quite windy the last few days which has quite a ‘drying’ effect on the soil.

I spend a bit of time in the herb garden tying and cutting back, and I resolve that today I will try to finish weeding the vine mount. One of the issues with weeding the vine mount are the healthy young nettles! I very rarely wear gloves, mainly because I often chop and change between jobs and I need the full dexterity of my hands. For example, whilst weeding the vine mount, I am also securing the vines to the wires. I’m not that bothered by the stings of nettles, I’m probably used to it, but there are a lot of nettles on these terraces. By the end of the day, both of my hands, to the tip of every finger, are tingling as if little electric shocks are running through them. It is a very strange sensation, it certainly lets you know that you are alive! I’m convinced (I think I read it somewhere) that stinging nettle stings help aching joints and I believe this to be true. My thumb joints can be quite painful, probably the combination of gardening and bassoon playing (bassoonist’s thumbs have to operate many keys!) but my joints haven’t given me much trouble for ages!

Today I have decided to dig up the first potatoes to see if they are ready because I really fancy some for dinner. I dig up three plants of 1st earlies Cassablanca and I’m delighted to find a decent crop. The potatoes are perfect ‘new potato’ size and come out of the soil as clean as a bell! I then go in search of Dwarf French beans and pick a good amount of broccoli from the polytunnel along with three cucumbers. I also dig up some red and white onions, the red onions will combine with the new potatoes to make a warm potato salad and I will make a giant flan/quiche using six of Pecky’s eggs! Pecky has been very feisty recently, making a bid for freedom every morning, one morning even knocking my glasses flying with her wing, she certainly keeps me on my toes!

Ironically, rain prevents me from finishing weeding the mount!

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