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20 April 2019

The weather in unbelievably warm and sunny – almost too warm. Not wishing to complain, but the ground is already drying out and the tulips are in danger of finishing too soon. The other thing I notice is that the extremely bright light has the effect of bleaching out colour. The beautiful flower colours on show now need a more gentle light.

I have decided today that I will not allow access to the Polytunnel on the Open Day. This is for a number of reasons: it is quite a compact space and contains thousands of tiny seedlings which could be disturbed if lots of people go through. Also, I am worried that some people might pick out seed labels to read them and the thought of how confusing this could become fills me with dread. People can see a lot of what is going on in there with the doors open at each end so I decide that this will be fine.

I spend the day finishing weeding the central beds and then I go on to weed the Rose border and then start on the Field Border. In the evening we have a rehearsal of my adaption of the first song in Milton’s “Arcades”. I have decided that we will perform a short segment of the masque in front of the arcaded wall on the Open Day. We have not managed to source the original Henry Lawes’ music so I have adapted another composition by Henry Lawes to fit Milton’s words. Meave and Diane are going to sing and Aideen will accompany them on the Celtic Harp. This will sound similar to an old Harp which will give the music an authentic sound. The Celtic Harp has not been used for ages and it is hard to tune and the music, with it’s Renaissance rhythms and harmonies, is not easy to master.

After this we attempt to record some of Diane’s music for her University work. I don’t think you could get a greater contrast. The new music is abstract and dissonant and uses different effects and techniques. At one point we even have to use a food processor as part of the composition. After recording about half of it, we give up as we are all getting very tired and silly and Meave can’t stop laughing at the ridiculous sounds that we are making.

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