• Kay

Multi Pronged Attack

14 MAY 2019

This morning I ordered the spray for the caterpillars – Topbuxus – XenTari and a sprayer. It is 100% safe for humans, animals and insects such as bees, which is most important. I am hoping that this, combined with my Pheremone traps and hand picking removal will make an impact on this horrible pest and save our hedging. I start early by finishing Mark’s hanging baskets and then watering all of the new vegetables and fruit. I make up a new lot of anti-caterpillar potion and chop up more tea bags and head off on my morning caterpillar hunt. I am now getting into a routine with this unpleasant job. I bring my best kneeler so I will be as comfortable as possible and my radio so I can listen to Radio 4 and surprisingly, the time passes quite quickly. In about an hour I have about another hundred or so caterpillars in my tub. I then carefully dead head the Primulas in the Aricula Theatre. Finally, I get to my Sweet Peas but I don’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped. I resolve to come outside again in a short break in my teaching and also at the end. I get another 12 plants in but there are still many left to do.

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