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More distractions!


Brought in from the garden by a very frustrated and upset Aideen. Aideen works as the secretary for Harrow Young Musicians which has moved to a new home - Avanti School - this year. One disadvantage of the move has been reduced storage space - massively compensated by Avanti most kindly accommodating HYM for a much lower rent. All year there has been an intention to sort out the storage cupboard to make it more efficient and it still had not happened, making life very difficult for Aideen and Mark, we realise we will have to go with her to sort out the shelves and we end up stuck in the cupboard until 6:00pm.

We don’t get home until after 7:00pm and I have a long watering session and then came in, tidied up and made cake for out ‘group visit’ tomorrow. It has been a very successful year with more than 20 groups visiting us and 3 public open days, this has all helped to raise some much needed funds for the garden. I hope we can keep it up next year.

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