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More companion planting


After church, I start removing all the seed pods off the sweet peas in the polytunnel. I continue with my companion planting, finally turning my attention to the trays that have rooted through into the polytunnel bed. I free the roots with a fork and realise that there are two trays of cosmos ( I thought there was only one). The problem is getting these overly tall, leggy plants to survive after being uprooted. I plant one tray of Cosmos around the two large beds containing the runner beans and borlotti beans and I interspace these with a tray of Godetia plants that nearly became overlooked on the polytunnel bench! I then plant the 2nd tray of cosmos and remaining godetia around the chard and sweetcorn beds.

Aideen comes out and finishes removing bulbs from the dahlia beds. I do admire Aideen's determination to finish a job, she found digging out the bulbs very hard work yesterday but she came back and finished it today! Meave and Emma put a barrow of compost on each bed. I finish up by planting the climbing nasturtiums which have reached gigantic proportions on the arches leading into the veg garden. These nasturtiums have very little root on them to sustain such big plants, but I know from past experience that normal nasturtiums are good at surviving a poor start so I hope the same applies to the climbing version. I give everything new a good watering before coming in to make dinner. Homemade burgers which use some of the Autumn onions and a huge salad of various lettuces, chicory, spinach and wild rocket - delicious!

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