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Momentous Decisions

22 November 2019

I am resigned to the fact that not much will happen outside today as Joy and I have a prearranged conference call with the Doctors, Nurses and Occupational Therapists organising Aunties Jean’s care in Dorset. They believe it is no longer possible for Jean to return home, even with four daily visits because her needs have become too great and they think she should go into a Care Home or Nursing Home. After the call, which was quite upsetting, Joy and I go over to Grandad’s house and I decide it might be worth considering moving Jean up here to live with Grandad in his house. This is not something we would have contemplated before, because when Dad and Jean were both “able”, they would have driven each other crazy, and Jean wanted to stay in her own home for as long as possible. However, now, we think they might both be quite amenable to the idea of sharing, and although having two elderly people to care for will be a challenge for all of us (but mostly me), it does seem logical to care for them together and at least they will be surrounded by family. Jean can still have her carers visiting like when she was at home. However, this is something I have to discuss seriously with Dad, and Jean’s Hospital carers have to agree that it is a workable idea.

I then go outside for a few hours and sowed another batch of seeds into the wild flower area. I potted up some Geraniums that I had dug up yesterday and planted the Elephant Garlic that Richard had given me. I then started putting leaf mould into the top tier of the Vinery with some help from Diane. I then headed to the hospital for a long and emotional chat with Dad and as I thought he was quite open to the idea of Jean moving in with him. This could obviously be a complete disaster but we will not know until we try and we all feel strongly it is the right thing to try and do. We can always fall back on the option of a Nursing Home if it all proves too difficult but I would like to care for her here, with back up from Carers.

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