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Meave’s Birthday

18 MAY 2020

Another significant birthday in lockdown, today Meave is 25, and should think that this was not how she intended to spend it. Luckily things were not too bad with the elderlies today, and we do manage to move Jean. Unfortunately, Meave has to work, but she will be finished by 4pm. I can tell that not much gardening work will get done today but I do manage some extensive watering. Whilst giving the fruit cage a jolly good soaking I discover 2 small ripe strawberries in the water tank raised beds (I have used a collection of 4 different sized old water tanks to make raised beds for some of the strawberry plants). I eat them proudly and they are tasty. Soon we will be overrun with strawberries because they form a ground cover carpet over all the beds in the cage. I can see lots of gooseberries, and the currants are hanging like strings of beads from the bushes, and the blackberries are covered in flowers and forming fruit.

I am pleased to see a few small red poppies beginning to flower in my wildflower meadow. There have been a few ‘sceptics’ about my wild flower meadow, because it has looked like just long grass for sometime. There is lots of Yellow Rattle blooming and some beautiful tall Pink Clover and one Red Geum, but it does look mainly green at present. I don’t think this is a bad thing because the grass is flowering and looks beautiful and I can see the other flowers about to bloom. I think a meadow should be an area of soft grass with wild flowers amongst it rather than a patch of bare earth that is a riot of colour for a period of time then dies away to nothing. All I have to do is stop Patrick strimming it before it has a chance to flower!

When Meave finishes work we decide to try the pool. It is cold, in fact, Aideen says it is freezing, but along with birthday girl Meave, we manage to get in, and it was lovely when you got used to it (or went numb!). We all swam around in circles and then dried off in the sun…bliss … and drank Aperol spritzers… better still! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEAVE!

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