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Meave's Birthday!


Meave has been out last night and stayed at a friends house so I cannot wish her 'Happy Birthday' before I go to work! On the way home from music school we pick up a message from Patrick asking us to buy him some new shears - I've never known any one get through shears at his rate! He is due to cut the box hedge and then we can spray it, and hopefully reduce our caterpillar infestation.

I then go outside to finish the Sweet Peas. However, Patrick and James start to install our decorated organ pipes behind mum's bench and in order to dig the trench I have to move some plants - phlox, golden rod, sedum and a small shrub - The Bride. I replant all these plants immediately, which I find the best way to successfully move things. Hoping they will not notice they've been moved! The organ pipes (which we've installed upside down) look like a giant set of pencils. They look great, as if they've always been there.

I then return to my sweet peas and manage to finish planting them! After a brief 'caterpillar' distraction - they have savagely attacked part of our baby hedge in the central border. James spotted them and had started snipping them in half with scissors. I then weeded the borders surrounding the fruit cage and planted the remaining tall cosmos (Dazzler) at each end of the long borders and planted two Ice plants on either side. Meave manages to get us to come in as we are supposed to be going out for dinner for her Birthday! We're not doing very well with Birthdays lately and Aideen is tied up with a concert at music school. After delaying the restaurant booking we all finally meet up in Stanmore for a lovely meal.

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