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McHughs go out and visit a garden

Updated: Apr 30, 2019


We are intending to go out today but Aideen is still writing her dissertation. I do manage to get outside, but start tying up broad beans that are getting battered by the wind. 75 broad beans later and I then have to come in to make lunch. We have some of the Butternut squash soup I made yesterday and then finally set off for Chenies Manor, who are having their N.G.S open day. On the way, Patrick says “Is this our holiday?” and all joking aside, he could be right! The combination of garden and grandad may well prevent us from going on holiday this year. Chenies is beautiful but we do find ourselves noting how much they are charging for refreshments and how well their tulips are lasting. I notice that their tulips have also been blooming early, which must be a worry for them as their tulip festival is not for another week! I come home with two large C19th prints of veg. in frames, which I think are beautiful. I go back outside to continue sowing things and I sow three root trainers of sweetcorn. 32 x Miral, 32 x Lark and 32 x Swift. I then come in to cook dinner.

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