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May Day

1 May 2020

It might be the beginning of May, but our April showers just seem to be getting going and adding fierce hail downpours to their repertoire as well. This can often happen at this time of year, a period of fantastic warm weather enticing our beautiful flimsy blooms of magnolia and peony to come out, and then WHAM! a hailstorm beats them to the ground! I am very taken by the voluptuous growth of everything in the fruit tree border, the rain has brought everything on a treat. I decide to record a little video with James, walking along the border showing the luxurious new growth of all the plants, not many flowers yet, but so many shades of green and such promise to come.

I will again spend most of the day in the tunnel where the sound of hail on the roof obliterates all trace of Radio 4! I plant out all the tomato plants, I think 59 in total, and I weed the tops (roughly) of dahlia and canna pots that are still inhabiting the middle of the border between the canes. These will have to go out into the garden before the tomatoes and cucumbers get too big. The dahlias and cannas are beginning to grow quite strongly now and the begonias and lillies are coming up in their pots as well, I will have my work cut out finding homes for everything.

Later in the day, Aideen puts together a 60 second video that shows as many aspects of the garden as possible, it has been requested by a website ‘The Great British Garden Show’ ( that posts pictures and videos of gardens to a wider audience, James and Aideen hope this will increase the Church Gardens’ profile and I have to provide a 60 second commentary to go with the video.

I then return to the tunnel and start potting up succulents in old terracotta pots. Some of these succulents have been standing in a bowl of water for months growing roots, some were baby plants in a seed tray from last year. I will have a lot of succulents this year, which is good because I love their tropical and exotic look.

In the evening we are blessed with more rainbows, I call Diane out to take a picture, James and Patrick managed to take beautiful photos yesterday to put on the website.

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