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Mass Potting up

5 November 2019

The weather today is quite depressing, a fairly constant drizzle with intermittent heavier showers keeps everything wet and dreary – a good day to work inside the Polytunnel. I decide to finish potting up the ground cover perennials that arrived from Parkers last week. These tiny, unpromising plants arrive in dozens of plastic packs of six (not environmentally great but they will all go into the recycling). They will all require potting up into bigger modules – I use trays of 15 sections for this job. The plants look half dead at the moment which is not surprising considering the season and it is amazing how most of them will pick up and become strong healthy plants. This is a very economical way of producing the large quantity of plants that we always seem to need. Patrick is hoping to have flowering plants along the edges of the vine terraces to hang down over the edge of the brick walls but which will not interfere with the vines themselves. This will require hundreds of plants which we could not possibly afford to get from a garden centre so hence we are attempting to plan ahead and hope that these plants will grow well.

I start by finishing potting up the Dianthus Deltoides – there are 15 of them, then I pot 24 Thymus, 24 Sedum Spureum, 24 Campanula Carpitica ‘alba’, 24 Helianthemun and 24 Cerasticum. I am very glad to get these done as I don’t like leaving the plants in their original travelling containers for too long. I fondly imagine that they already look happier in the new pots. The polytunnel bench, which is 42 feet long is now packed with these new plants and my seed trays, which are all growing well. The bench is also housing the butternut squashes, which have yet to be moved to their Winter storage position … partly because I have yet to decide where this is going to be!

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