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Magic Potions!


I am feeling like a cross between a witch and a mad professor... well I do have a black cat! I have been in the kitchen making up an anti-boxtree caterpillar potion to spray on the hedges. I decided to use garlic, chillies, a little veg oil, a bit of washing up liquid and water put in the food processor, which proceeds to flood everywhere. I end up with quite an evil brew which I put in a washing up bottle to squirt at the hedge. Whilst I'm there I separately chop up a pile of used tea bags in the food processor to use as a slug deterrent to put round the newly planted lettuces. I then go outside to start removing caterpillars, I put some of the nasty creatures in a bowl with some of my potion to observe results. Not brilliant I'm afraid, some die at the bottom of the bowl after a few hours! However, the potion is quite good to spray over the hedge as I'm removing the caterpillars, it helps to clean them off and I'm sure it makes the hedge less palatable to the caterpillars...certainly the whole area now stinks of garlic! I set an alarm, I mean an actual alarm clock - no phone, remember - to give me a cut off point for caterpillar removing. I resolve to just keep plodding on removing the little 'blighters' by hand and squirting on my potion and don't give up, after all any caterpillars I remove is going to mean less caterpillars. I will keep a watching brief on the teabag slug deterrent - I've tried so many things! I then start to move dahlias from the polytunnel to the coldframes - this is surprisingly time consuming and soon it is time to start teaching. The coldframes look really good, especially with plants in them, and this will mean I can finally plant out tomatoes, cucumbers and melons.

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