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Magic button!


I had hoped to visit Wisley today as a bit of a treat, but annoyingly my car broke down in the M&S car park after my rehearsal last night. Unfortunately, my much loved car has developed a random fault, where sometimes it refuses to start. My brilliant mechanic, Bob, has tried numerous solutions, but obviously we have yet to resolve the problem - hence finding my self stranded in M&S' car park. This is a time when maybe a mobile phone would be useful - I hear you say - however, the young men in M&S are lovely and lend me the shop phone and Patrick comes to rescue me. We are able to pick up the car this morning because randomly it has now decided to start! I take it to Bob, who decides to fit a magic button (we have tried practically everything else) which overrides everything and basically gives the car a kick if it won't start, he believes this will avoid me being stranded in the future - great!

I spend hours watering because the glorious weather means everything is dry, there has been more badger activity and they have consumed my offering of cooked cobs left beside their badger set on Wednesday - well I assume they have been consumed as they have disappeared. However, this has not stopped their activities in my vegetables, which last night included digging another badger latrine ( a big hole with a poo at the bottom) in the middle of my baby beetroots! I carry on with general jobs including cutting out old wood from the sage plants - I have quite a few of these, and more deadheading, which I must say is a very pleasant job in this glorious sunshine. Tonights dinner included sweetcorn again and a beautiful salad ( very colourful as well as delicious) of red and yellow mini tomatoes, basil, red onion, cucumber, radish, pepper and radiccio ( all from the garden). I had a similar salad for lunch with cheese and the one pear I saved from the badgers. Such a shame that there weren't more because it was lovely and juicy.

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