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Lovely Leeks

20 APRIL 2020

Today Aideen technically restarts college, but remotely, and Meave is back to a 9.00am start time. She is presently working from home but is due to be furloughed at the end of the month. This means a 7.30am start with the elderlies, because for Jean’s washing and toileting it requires a team of three. The girls then leave me to pick up supplies and deliver their papers. It is another glorious day with a perfectly blue sky. I hang out some washing and when I’ve finished my chores, I eat my breakfast at the end of the polytunnel in the sun – a very nice spot!

I start my gardening day by sowing trays of flowers that do not require the propagator to get sorted. One tray is Limanthes Douglasii (poached egg plant – great for pollinators). Godetia and Salvia Pink Sunday and Salvia Patens. Another tray was decorative carrot Dara, Arenaria Montana, Osteospermum Limpopo, flax Charmer. Then I sow a tray of tall nasturtium and some Chinese lanterns and a tray of Canary creeper and Erygium Silver Ghost. I have now almost run out of bench, quite an achievement as it is 42ft long! I then return to my fruit cage borders where I am weeding and adding the last of my new sweet peas. I have been making good use of my leeks which I am close to finishing, which is good because they will soon attempt to flower and then they become inedible. Last night I cooked them with kale in butter and garlic to have with the stroganoff and tonight they are going in a giant flan with chard, peppers and bacon. Patrick has to spend some time in the office, but soon he’s back outside continuing with the trench. We now have a water tap beside the bee hives which is brilliant and Patrick’s work party continue digging the trench towards the corner of the orchard. They are doing a beautiful job and I can barely see where they’ve previously dug.

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