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Lost blueberry bush!


Today I planted out my seedling spring onions amongst the baby carrots in the cold frame after weeding them. I then weeded the blueberry bed, I found one blueberry bush hidden under a massive rhubarb leaf, that I had overlooked in my transplanting session a few months ago. The poor bush looked very pathetic, but I moved it, cut it back and gave it a thorough watering. I then deadheaded loads of cosmos. I echo Monty Don's sentiment, that deadheading is probably the most important job at the moment. This is because our flowering plants are wanting to 'set seed' and finish for the season and the only way to prolong flowering and extend the season is to remove dead flowers and seed heads. I am feeling a little directionless at the moment, the visits for the year are finished so I am no longer preparing for deadlines - ie. trying to make the garden look relatively tidy for the benefit of visitors. I am also settling into being back at work and planning my time effectively. I still find it difficult to believe that we have spent the year opening our garden to the public, having spent 20 years with the garden primarily being my concern, only seen by friends and family, it is astounding to think that in the last year we have been visited by more than 2000 people! We are already taking group bookings for next year and publicity for public open days is already in place. We know what projects that we would like to complete before the next public opening and I now have to bring myself back down to earth to plan and carry out all of the routine tasks necessary to recreate the garden for next year. I will have to order and plant bulbs and seeds and this will all require considerable thought. I am a little daunted, as last Autumn I planted about 5000 bulbs, and then in Spring/Early Summer, I planted about 5000 veg/flower plants and I suspect something similar will be necessary next year. Well it won't get done with me wandering around in an aimless daze so I need to pull myself together!

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