• Kay


Updated: Apr 24, 2019


Open days mean lists! I remember this from our first open day (we are now coming rapidly up to our second). Somebody said today "to think we thought after the first open day, we had everything ready to open whenever we wanted....if so why have we got such a long list of things to do!" Aideen wrote her list several weeks ago, I have a collection of lists in my garden diary + one in my head, Diane came home from Bristol on Wednesday and the first thing she did was write a list...a very long detailed list! Patrick probably has a list as well, but he definitely carries it in his head. The one member of the family who doesn't have a list is Meave, and obviously Grandad. Meave operates in a different universe. To be fair to her, her work is extremely intense and she has been coming home incredibly late from work all week, sometimes at midnight. Then all she wants to do is eat and sleep, which is fair enough. It is a shame, as I know she wants to be involved in the garden, but her work is crazy. When she gets up today, she goes out to put up posters and does come out to help me weed...eventually!

Diane works outside all day which is great, but I know she has lots of other work to do - she is in the final stages of her Drama degree at Bristol Uni. She does lots of little useful jobs before it is possible to start pointing the fruit cage paving. Aideen gets up early so she can get her practice done and come outside. She then finishes bits of painting and helps with the pointing. Amazingly, Patrick finishes the paving today, quite an achievement considering many bricks have to be cut. It looks beautiful, he is a perfectionist and it shows. It is especially remarkable as he is still really struggling with his leg which causes him constant pain and he has caught another cold. But none of this stops him from coming outside and it is obvious that these projects are really what he wants to do. James joins us in the afternoon and continues with the Auricula theatre, he then replaces a light that blew down earlier in the year.

Guess what I was doing today...yes - WEEDING! I moved onto the final quarter of the veg garden today and weeded 'flat-out' for about 10 hours! I said to Meave, every job in this garden is big, be it, planting bulbs (it takes weeks to plant 5000), sowing seeds, (this took several weeks even potting dahlias - more than 200)! When i'm doing one job, I look forward to the next, because you do get tired of how long each one takes. I don't mind weeding, if I don't have a deadline...

We must have the healthiest weeds in Harefield, I've never seen such big dandelions! Somebody was asking on 'Gardeners Question Time' this week, how to grow dandelions - I suggest they come here!